Sep 282012

Hi Everyone
I have two confirmed shows coming up. I’ll be at the Autry National Center in LA the first weekend in November for their annual Indian art market. I’ll be bringing carvings and other original works as well as my normal print work.
My other event is at NMAI in New York. The first weekend in December. I hope to have some small carvings as well as a few small paintings and maybe a bent box or two.
As far as personal things go, I went back to school to finish my Master’s of Environmental Studies. I want to combine it with my JD and do some good work in the future. There is something special about going outside and seeing how things work.
I’m interested in historic information about how people lived and what they eat especially in and around Northwest prairie areas. Let me know if you have any stories from your family about this type of thing.

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  1. Just wanted to followup on my previous email inquiring about how to order something off your website?

    Thanks, Walt

    • The best way to order is to send an e-mail directly to me:
      we can make arrangements from there. It isn’t possible to tie existing inventory to the website, that’s why we don’t have an easier option.

  2. Was absolutely awed by your Black Bear in the gift shop at the Autry Museum in LA when we went for the Route 66 and the Indian Bead Work exhibits. Black Bear looks beautiful in our Western themed “play room” against the brown wall over the piano. Then went on your Web site and smiled instantly upon seeing Cool Breeze. What a great piece. Hope to meet you in person at the Autry in November. Thank you for your wonderful work!

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